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Women Should Know These 7 Things About Social Security

Women Should Know These 7 Things About Social Security

September 29, 2022

Did you know… You should start preparing a Social Security Strategy by age 55! Most people don’t even think about Social Security until they’re facing retirement, but it really pays to be informed. There are so many misconceptions and knowledge gaps about Social Security Benefits, and these gaps can prove to be costly, especially for women.

While everyone’s situation is unique, factors that may impact your Benefit decisions include (but aren’t limited to) whether you are married, divorced or widowed; your current health; your family history of longevity; and other sources of retirement income. This brief-but-informative document from Nationwide, “Seven things women should know about Social Security Benefits,” can provide clarity and put you on the right path towards maximizing your hard-earned benefits.

Keep in mind that your Social Security Benefits are just one piece of a thoughtfully-structured retirement plan. If you’d like to discuss your financial future in more detail, just give us a call – we’re here to help!